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About FM Radio Advertising in Indore

Get ad rates for FM Radio Channels in Indore. The list of FM Radio channels in Indore is updated with best advertising rate, reach, popularity, language and frequency at which it operates. You can use our FM Radio Advertising planning tool to select FM Radio stations with best cost per reach and which provides the best impact.

Details of FM Radio Channels in Indore

Indore has more than 5 FM Radio channels which are operational. FM Radio Stations in Indore play music in Hindi, English and Telugu. Popular FM stations in Indore include Radio Mirchi, Red FM and Big FM. Great chunk of radio listenership in Indore happens during the drive time. However in home listening is also significant and cannot be ruled out while planning to advertise in FM stations of Indore. Indore has a well developed public transport system with high travel time. FM listening in Indore also happens through FM enabled mobile phones.

Advertising rate of FM Radio channels in Indore

Get best rates for advertising in FM Radio channels in Indore at Creators Desire Solutions. While you get the basic discounted rate when you select the channel list, we negotiate on your behalf for further discounts. Best ad rates for FM Radio in Indore are shared once we have the knowledge of the volume and campaign dates. Rates are separated as per the timeband. In Indore ad rates of FM varies as per the prime time and non prime time. You can get rates for both prime time and non prime time at Creators Desire Solutions

Advertising options in FM Radio in Indore

There are multitudes of advertising options in FM channels of Indore. Ad rates for most popular advertising option jingle ads are the lowest. All innovations including RJ mentions and contests cost more than jingle ads. Ad rates for jingle advertising, RJ mentions, contests and many other innovative methods to advertise in FM channels in Indore are available online at Creators Desire Solutions. These online media options and rates are updated periodically so ensure that an advertiser gets the right budget for planning and advertising.