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Digital advertising

About Digital advertising in India

As per the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International, the digital advertising market in India is at INR 5,200 crore at the end of December 2015 and projected to reach INR 7,044 crore by the end of this 2016

Digital advertising spends were about 12 per cent of the total advertisement spends in India. Favorite of e commethey lead digital ad spends followed by telecom and BFSI. 40% of BFSI overall spends were on digital, followed by e-commerce, telecom, and travel.

Like worldwide, search was 30 per cent of the overall ad spends followed by display ads at 23 per cent, and social media at 18 per cent. Search continued to lead in 2015 with spends close to INR 1,488 crore. Social media spends were close to INR 940 crore. Spends on video ads, such as YouTube, also showed huge gains in 2015 and accounted for 17 per cent of the overall ad spends in the digital space. With digital India push, increase in mobile penetration and increased adoption of mobile internet with products like Reliance Jio, video advertisement is expected to gain further.

Majority of digital ad spend in India goes to Google network, Facebook and other social media networks. However, what you would find at is not so much about Google, Facebook and other self serve digital options, but other high impact digital options. Popular digital options outside of Google and Facebook in India are News websites like, sports channels like, finance sites like among many others. In App advertising is other popular format of digital advertising in India. Among traditional digital options are email advertising and database targeting either through email or through SMS.

Advertising options in Digital media

Digital media provides a host of advertising options. Popular advertising options for digital media are:

  1. Banner digital ads
  2. Text digital ads
  3. Sound or audio based digital ads
  4. Video digital ads

Costing for Digital advertising

Digital advertising has various pricing models. Few popular pricing models for Digital advertising are: This is also applicable for mobile advertising.

  1. CPM – CPM stands for Cost per Thousand. The advertiser pays a fixed fee for every thousand times their ad is shown to the visitor
  2. CPC – Cost per click is a performance based pricing model, advertiser pays only when someone clicks on the ad
  3. CPA – Cost per acquisition is provided as an option to large size advertisers. The advertiser is charged only when the user completes the action. The action can be app download, filling up a form, registering on the site or similar such actions.
  4. CPL – This stands for cost per lead and advertiser pays only when a lead is generated with valid contact details
  5. Fixed Fee – Popular among impact medium, an advertiser pays for being present there for a specific period. An example can be advertising on the home page of Times of India App. The advertiser pays for this model of digital pricing.

List of top 10 websites in India

The list of top 10 websites in India as per traffic for advertising is: (November 2016)



1 Search
2 Youtube Video
3 Facebook Social Media
4 Ecommerce
5 Wikipedia Search
6 Flipkart Ecommerce
7 Linkedin Social Media
8 Indiatimes Ecommerce
9 Snapdeal Ecommerce
10 Twitter Social media
11 Ecommerce
12 Times of india News

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Frequently Asked questions (FAQ) about Digital advertising

  1. I want to place a digital ad. What are the different types of digital ads that i can place?

There are many options that you have, to name a few:

Banner ads, Display Ads, In-mail Advertising, Rich Media Ads, In-Page Ads, Roadblocks, Floating Ads, Home Page Takeover, Video Ads

You can get a complete list of digital media options at the Digital Media Planning tool.

  1. What is the difference between internet advertising, digital advertising and online advertising?

  • Online advertising is mainly referred to banner advertising on its different forms (media, affiliation, advertorial content, etc) done on web pages.
  • Internet advertising includes the prior and also could include also SEM, mobile, ads embedded in gaming environments, social ads, and video streaming ads.
  • Digital advertising includes the prior and also could include advertising that is not being done by computers (or tablets or mobile phones), such as digital out of home, or connected TV
  1. Some ads on the website have an option of closing the ad. How are these ads different from the ads which don’t?

Ads without a close or exit option forces user to go through the ad. Such ads are annoying to the user and are typically found in free services like free Wifi. Most of the ads today have an option to close and exit.