About Service

The Conference calls are simple and easy to deploy giving you the ability to share voice on a single network with Small Business PBX. This is an affordable solution with attractive add-ons that links various people on a single call. It is highly cost effective and beneficial for businesses as it cuts down traveling costs, and in-person meetings and associations. These conference calls can be made 24 X 7, anytime, anywhere increasing business productivity by reducing constraints on employers, employees and potential customers.

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Benefits of Call Conferencing:

  • A conference call eliminates the need for "face-to-face" meetings.

  • A conference call keeps your meetings focused. When conducting a conference call you are following a planned agenda and you have the undivided attention of every participant.
  • A conference call achieves more productive meetings! Because a conference call can be organized so quickly, you'll conduct meetings on a much more regular basis.
  • You can solve your problems instantly. A conference call is an indispensible "problem-solving" tool that is always readily available - right at your finger tips!

You will be provided with an online panel to configure your number. You can do a number of things in parallel when a missed call is received like send an auto reply SMS to the caller, send email or SMS notification to yourself , integrate your CRM or Website using a web hook, set various limits etc.

Call Conferencing Features

We have made Call Conferencing Features very easy with our user friendly & powerful platform

Many to Many Call Conferencing is a telephone call in which someone talks to several people at the same time. The conference calls may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call, or the call may be set up so that the called party merely listens into the call and cannot speak.

fully automated conference calls 24x7. You will never have to call in advance to setup up a conference call. With conference calls, you will easily send your participants any of our dial in access numbers and your conference code, and that’s all. Once they dial into any of our conference call bridges worldwide, we will connect them to your business conference call anytime of the day.

You never know how long your Conference is going. So we have introduce NO Call Limit i.e Conference is held until you manually leav the conference or its over.

Call recording helps managers maintain agent quality and productivity standards and quickly settle disputes from callers.

"Are you still there…?" This question carries hints of annoyance or laughter (or both), and when tossed at you in a conference call, it can be a frustrating one.There for we introduced joining notification it will notify you who is joining the Conferencing.

When dial-in users leave a conference, the Conferencing Announcement application can announce their exit by playing a tone or saying their names.

When you choose CloudShope Call Conference Service you get completely hosted solution, You will get more than a team of experts from the company known for creating the managed hosting category to run your infrastructure.

There is no other setup required in addition to playing Call Conferencing.With zero software to install and no setup required on client machines, hosted solutions support domains with as little as one up to a few hundred users.